Professional Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher
Lisa Kellogg teaches Hip Hop Dance
Her choreography is funky, fresh and fun to do!
Her style dynamically combines the hottest new moves as well as old school!
She teaches kids, teens, and adults classes
She has danced with:
Michael Jackson
Bobby Brown
Janet Jackson
She has danced in commercials for:
Pepe Jeans
Videos/ Movies:
Men In Black II
Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
She has danced on various TV Shows, Movies and Concert Tours
She has choreographed Commercials, Movies, Music Videos,
Dance Groups, and Pop Artists
in The United States, Japan, and Europe
TV Shows: The Tonight Show, HBO, MTV, Rick Dees Show
Industrials: Adidas, Asics Tiger, Super Bowl Halftime
Choreographed: Dorrtitos, Pepe Jeans, Fox Family Channel,
Smart House, Clipper Girls, The LA Sparks Kids
She also does DANCE PARTIES for kids and adults!!!